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How to find the best Fashion Designing Institute

How To Find The Best Fashion Designing Institute

Introduction Among the major divisions of the Indian fashion industry, apparels had the highest share, accounting for 81 percent from 2017 to 2023, according to Statista.com. The Indian fashion industry, which has historically been inspired by culture and geography, is gradually shifting its focus and aligning itself with more western and fusion trends. In addition,…

How Long Does The Interior Designing Process Take Place?

There are different stages in the interior designing process. These stages depend on person to person. Different designers have different capabilities. One can do it fast other may take longer to finish. But ultimately the result should be good enough to satisfy the client. Below are the stages described briefly. Different Stages In Interior Designing…

modeling classes in kolkata

Top 5 Reasons To Join Modeling Classes To Become A Successful Model

The modeling field has never been taken in a good manner in Indian society. There are many professional modeling classes in Kolkata. Modeling is not limited to bikini shoots, there are hundreds of varieties in modeling. Meanwhile with the increase of makeup artists, photographers, fashion designers, and hairstylists, the need for a good model has…

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