Professional Courses (Duration- 3 Years)

Interior Design And Draftsmanship( 3 Years)


Interior designing is one of the most sought after career options today

Interior designing today is one of the most sought after career options for young and creative individuals. The scope and career opportunities in this profession have increased many folds over the years.  The main focus of the interior designer courses in Kolkata is to produce talented professionals who have the capability to implement the skills for developing the eye-catchy and functional design spaces. 

Our team serves aspirants with effective design studies 

The interior decorating course in Kolkata has been designed for giving an opportunity to the learners to gain the relevant knowledge, skills, and confidence for pursuing a career in this field.  Our team is serving the aspirants with extremely effectual design studies that boost their creativity and develops the analytical business skills. We have already garnered the status of the top-notch designing institute owing to the student-centric approach and extremely affordable programs. The learners are also taught about the transforming scenarios of the world. 

Learn interior designing from industry experts 

The specialized program equips the students with a sound and thorough understanding of technology for facilitating them to stand stronger in the industry.   The interior decorating course in Kolkata makes the learners aware of all the technicalities and how to resolve the various aspects of the construction of spaces. The highly creative, intuitive and most artistic of the approach is being utilized for making the learner aware of each and every aspect associated with the field of interior designing. 

The interior decorating course in Kolkata helps you to excel in career

The excellent faculty guidance and most sophisticated infrastructure inculcate awareness about the designing and conceptualization. The real-world education is imparted with the most flexible and personalized approach.  The wealth of experience is provided to the learners by industry experts for giving you an extremely invaluable the insight into every small aspect of the industry. We offer students an opportunity to learn the designing from industry experts themselves. The main focus of our academy is to develop the critical minds of learners while reinforcing creativity and analytical capabilities.  This facilitates them to develop the top class and all-inclusive interior spaces.  

Take up interior designer courses in Kolkata and unlock your true potential

Our institute offers some of the best courses that impart learners a career edge. At our interior designing academy, the students can learn almost anything that is needed to work and excel in this field.   For all those individuals who like to accept the challenges and want to do things in an extraordinary manner, this is the right course to enroll in. So, all those who aspire to pursue a career in this field can take up our interior designer courses in Kolkata. Just be ready to unlock the high-end potential for designing the spaces that truly inspires.  Join the interior designing course and equip yourself with the real-world knowledge, skills and right confidence for pursuing the career of your dreams.

Fee Structure
Enrollment Fee – 25000

Tuition fee – 1st year – 120000

2nd year -90000

3rd year – *No fees and 12 month industry training +internship /market survey and fashion show is provided by the institute free of cost

(All figures are in Indian rupees)

(Note: 1 week internship/workshop programme is only for 2 years and 3 years management courses)

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