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How Long Does The Interior Designing Process Take Place?

There are different stages in the interior designing process. These stages depend on person to person. And the type of interior design course he has done. Different designers have different capabilities. One can do it fast other may take longer to finish. But ultimately the result should be good enough to satisfy the client. Below are the stages described briefly.

Different Stages In Interior Designing Process


An initial meeting with the interior designer is the first step in the interior design process. During the appointment, you can go over your specific needs in-depth. When it comes to residential interiors, make sure to share all pertinent details about the members of your family who will be staying in the apartment, as well as their unique preferences and specifications. The first phase in the interior design process is to consult with the interior designer. You will discuss the basic requirements in detail during the consultation. When it comes to residential interiors, make sure to provide any relevant information about the members of your family who will be living in the residence, as well as their personal interests and requirements.


Your interior designer will be able to supply you with a free quote after they have fully comprehended your specifications and, as a result, their own scope of operation. 


Your furniture arrangement is the first tangible phase in the design process. Depending on the needs, your interior designer will present you with a variety of style choices. Not only this is an opportunity to figure out how to make the most of your room. It’s also a good idea to factor in any special considerations you may have, such as Vastu enforcement. This is also the foundation of the project and must be carefully considered. Ask your interior designer questions, request choices, and get their advice.However this process should try to pull together the needs and their familiarity with space design.


A design/concept show typically follows the furniture configurations. This is addressed to you as a series of slides containing a selection of reference photographs that correspond to the spaces on your furniture plan. It conveys design intent and aids in the creation of an interior design vision that both you and your interior designer would be pleased with.

Visual & Costing:

This is where the interior designing process comes to a close. It’s where you can see how the room can also appear in photorealistic 3D renderings. If you’ve chosen turnkey operation, request a cost estimate for the interior building work from your interior designer. This will allow you to determine whether your accepted look is in line with your budget and make a swift decision about when to begin interior construction.

Timescale/Calendar in Interior Designing Process

The following factors will have a significant impact on the deadlines for the interior design process-

  1. Project Size: A larger space with more rooms/areas or specifications would, on average, take longer to plan and build. Adding more designers to the project would just further muddle and complicate the process.
  2. Stakeholder & timely decisions:  You may foresee a negative effect on deadlines if there are several decision-makers. The fewer the decision-makers, the more quickly decisions will move.
  3. Nature of interior designer: Few interior designers or interior design agencies are better at sticking to deadlines than most. A company with a lot of expertise and well-established processes and procedures is more likely to make strong promises on deliverables and keep them.

Time Taken For The Interior Designing Process

General time dor a medium-sized interior designing takes:

  1. 3 to 4 weeks for a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment,
  2. 8 to 10 weeks for a large luxury villa,
  3. 2 to 3 weeks for office space up to 5000sqft. 
  4. 2 to 3 weeks for a small to medium-size retail space.

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