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National Designer Award

National Designer Award

National Designer Award is a competitive platform that offers talented emerging designers of India to showcase their talents. National Design Business Club (NDBC) presents the award which is an initiative of INIFT which is a designing institute. This promotes the talents and excellence of the budding designers in the Indian fashion industry.

The National Designer Award acknowledges and provides a deservedly platform to the designers for their business. This award determines the creativity and excellence of the designer(s), who can create high-quality manufacturing standards, amazing fashion, and styling which can contribute to the future of the Indian fashion industry. This platform provides space to many designers from various backgrounds, who are invited to participate. 

Who are eligible for National Designer Award: 

The National Designer Award 2021 is open to all students and emerging designers from different cities of India only. 

  1. Students who are pursuing courses in Fashion and Designing from any recognized institute. 
  2. They can be allowed to apply under the “Fashion Design Student” category only.
  3. Professional designers will be allowed to apply under the “Professional designer” category only. 
  4. Professional designers applying, need to have working experience in the fashion and designing industry for a minimum of 3 years. 
  5. Designers applying under the “Professional designer” category can also have their own business in the fashion and designing industry for a minimum of 3 years.

Process involved:

All selected designers will have to present themselves to the judging panel. The physical presence of the designer is a must. They will need to showcase their collection. The judges will conduct an interview round . The final jury decides the winner of the National Designer Award. The works of the participants presented at the award function will be thoroughly studied and interrogated by the Jury members and mentors based on the following criteria:

  1. Appropriateness of the Design.
  2. Resourcefulness. 
  3. Creativity and choice of fabric or cloth material.
  4. Marketability and overall appeal.

Similar award shows worldwide:

  1. A’Design Award & Competition.  It is a freestyle design competition that is open to the concept stage and realized works designed by young fashion designers or early professionals. The applicants can also be tailors, stylists, fashion designing companies, and other related businesses. The award is just not an award but it gives recognition to the designers in the industry. It attracts the attention of famous brands and collaborators which will have a great impact on the future of the designers or applicants. Also the participants who wins will get the opportunity to extensive and exclusive marketing and communication services. Also, the winner’s work will be presented in the A’Designs book which is available internationally. Distribution of book is among high-profile magazine editors, designer companies, and high-profile parties. The winning designs are also exhibited in their exhibition which is in Italy. In short, the designer gains fame worldwide. There are no entry fees .
  1. International Design Awards. They provide awards under the category of Accessories, Apparel category, Avant-garde, Ethnic clothing, Footwear, Haute couture, other fashion designs, Pret-A-Porter, Swimwear & Beachwear, and also Textile & Materials. The award is given on submission of only one project and not for a collection of designs or work. They have entry fees which is on their website. International Design Award has two categories like every other award show which are the ‘professional’ and ‘student’ category.The work which the applicants will submit must have been created within the last 5 years from the date of submission. The winner’s work will be published in the International Design Awards Book of Designs.He/she will also get highlight on the main page of the IDA website and will get published on all their social media platforms throughout the year. The winner will also receive a huge amount of fame on international platforms. 
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Admission Open