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First time being on set

First Time Being On Set? Here Are 6 Simple Rules To Follow

Serial No6 Simple Rules To Follow When First Time Being On Set
1Be on time
2Go on as you did before the callback
3Make sure you know your lines
4Examine Your Contract
5Mark Your Points
6Never complain and do express gratitude to others

You’ve landed the role, and it’s first time being on set ! You’ve put in a lot of effort and are looking forward to the first day. However, you’ve never been on set before and are unsure about what to expect. Here are few pointers to help you get through your first encounter.

6 Simple Rules To Follow When First Time Being On Set

First time being on set

Be on time

When First time being on set nothing sets a negative standard like causing a production to be delayed because you didn’t arrive on set on time. Make sure you allow enough time to get to the destination. It’s definitely a smart idea to add at least a half-hour to your travel time in case of traffic or train/bus delays. Always be early.

Go on as you did before the callback

You were recruited as a result of your audition performance during first time being on set . Make an effort not to overthink it. Creating a complex storyline for a two-line character is not only needless, but it can also be a major diversion. Meeting with a coach after you’ve been recruited and making drastic improvements in your career is indeed a terrible move. Do as you did in the audition, but be willing to adapt if the director suggests it.

Make sure you know your lines

First time being on set, there will be a lot of distractions. The more lines you know inside and out, backward and forwards, the better trained you’ll be. It is possible that your lines will move. It’s possible that any of the lines will be omitted. Prepare for the worse and don’t take it personally.

Examine Your Contract

While First time being on set it’s quick to get caught up in the moment and sign your name without thinking about what you’re signing. Hence contractual errors are unfortunately very widespread. Indeed make sure you read the contract carefully to ensure that it is exactly what you and your lawyer agreed to. So if you discover any errors, contact your agent right away.

Mark Your Points when

The painted gaff tape on the floor is there to help the camera operator concentrate the shot. Make sure you touch them; otherwise, the concentration will be thrown off. A good actor will deliver their lines while still hitting their marks. If it works, practice at home. Since you’ll only have one rehearsal on set and a few takes of the scene, it’s important that you keep track of your marks and hit them.

Never complain and do express gratitude to others

You are a visitor, and you should always be respectful. It’s possible that you’ll have to wait up to 6 hours to shoot your scene.Also It’s possible that things aren’t going as expected, and you’re getting irritated. Never ever criticize. Assume that you will be seen by someone influential. On top of that, there are people on set who have been there a lot longer than you have. When you’re done, do thank the people who helped you. It’s also a smart idea to give a thank you note to the casting agent since they’re the ones that got you the role in the first place. Always remember to be gracious.

It’s still beneficial to be aware of the set’s functions and hierarchy. Overall, dear actor, have a good time and enjoy yourself. Keep in mind that your selection from hundreds of other stars, so your presence on set is well-deserving!

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