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“Join Best Acting Institute in Kolkata and Modeling Institute in Kolkata” –INIFT

Now learn From Some of the India’s Top Actors/Models


Acting Classes

INIFT offers best acting & modeling course in kolkata

Modeling Classes


Dance Classes

Dance Classes


Best Instructors

Best Infrastructure

Hi Tech Equipments and Acessories

Free Starter Portfolio

Free Bollywood Dance class

Mega Fashion Shows


I Want To Enroll In:

Professional Acting Course in Kolkata

Duration: 10 week


Professional Acting Course in Kolkata

The 6 months professional acting course focuses on overall development of acting skill in an individual with the help of following : Acting Techniques,Creative Body Movements,yoga, Dance In the second…

Professional Modeling Course in Kolkata

Duration: 10 week


Professional Modeling Course in Kolkata

The Modelling Course at INIFT provides aspiring fashion models a chance to train and become professionals. It opens up career opportunities in the modeling world of fashion. This course will…


Things to Know


About Our Vision

INIFT – Best Acting school, institute in Kolkata and Modeling Institute in Kolkata is one of few institute for actors in kolkata to provide live shooting from day one and opportunity to participate in mega shows. The intensive professional-level course provides specialized training in acting. The classes at INIFT are conducted by competent in-house faculty members who ardently teach the craft through practical, theory classes, games, exercises and extensively filmed practicals. In addition we offer workshops which comprises the visiting faculty, who share with students their invaluable on-the-job experiences and tips to success. Above all, each student receives individual guidance and counseling from the city’s most successful, experienced trained teachers throughout the programme.
Visit Nazione Institute Of Acting and Modeling a wing of Inift

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Common FAQ Of Acting Course

What is the minimum age to Join Acting School in Kolkata?

Currently, Top Acting Institutes like INIFT accepts age 15+ Candidates.

What methods of acting taught at INIFT Acting School ?

INIFT teaches you a “method” that works for you. INIFT provides you with an individualized acting program; one that prepares you for a professional acting career. With regard to specific acting techniques,

What is the duration Of Acting Course in kolkata ?

The duration of the course is between 3-6  months.

The overall length of your study is dictated by what skills your performance goals require, and how long you require to learn those skills.

What is the institute's aim/goal for Acting ?

Our mission is to help students inculcate acting skills so that we can incorporate a cohesive, contextual and nurturing environment for learning. The emphasis is on self-motivated learning by using information, experience and practice. The teaching methodology aims at evoking the hidden qualities inside a student and enables them to acclimatize to the industry.

What are the timings of acting classes in kolkata ?

INIFT provides acting classes 4 days a week.

INIFT has weekdays and weekend batches both available for students

Do you teach for stage and film?

INIIFT trains performing artists for careers in television, film, and stage. Using an individualized approach, the faculty at INIFT will formulate a curriculum that will help you reach your performing goals.

Does your school put on plays, and if so, would I have the opportunity to be in them ?

Part of our goal to use the theatre to train the performing artist. Actors in Progress get an opportunity to perform monologues, scenes, and other dramatic material. INIFT presents the showcase 3 times a year, and students who are ready to perform in front of an audience are featured.

Common FAQ Of Modeling Course

How to find a good Modeling agency in Kolkata?

You can either get casted by an agency directly on the streets or look for agencies in the next bigger city. Moreover, you can find lots of agencies on the web.

Important: check the agency’s portfolio of clients and their online representation (like Instagram or website)

Once you found your agency contact them via phone. And don’t give up if the first agency doesn’t want you directly under contract.

How long does it take until I get feedback from the agency regarding a collaboration?

After you met the agency they will either let you know directly or after some days if they want to work with you. So, it’s always individual how long it takes until you get feedback. But for sure they will give you a date until when they give you feedback.

Remember, it’s not just the agency’s choice if you will work together but also yours.

What is a casting and how does it work?

Your agency will send you an appointment with one of their clients. That means this specific client wants to see you at a certain time for a future collaboration.

Once you’re at the specific location you will get to know the client.

Of course, it always depends which type of job you get casted for.

If you will be casted for a catwalk show, of course the client wants to see your catwalk.

If it’s for a photo shooting they will put you in front of a camera to see your posing. Sometimes you will also have to put their clothes on if it’s for a fashion brand.

Good to know: there is a huge variety of castings it can also be spontaneous like e.g. I had to sing once in Italian 😉

How can I train my posing for a photo shooting?

Have a look on the amazing website of Pinterest. There you can collect pictures of the world’s top models on an online pin board. Then practice the specific poses of the top models in front of a mirror. Search for photos from different themes and products:

Good basics are: Magazine covers, magazine shootings, beauty shoots, perfume advertising, etc. Select those pictures which are important for your type of model.

Also look for a huge variety of emotions in the models faces and practice them with your face. Practice those poses so they become subconsciously and you will do them automatically at your next shooting.

Good to know: The emotions you’re feeling during a shoot are very important. If you should be a serious person, feel serious, if you should be a happy person, feel happy by thinking about so/sth that makes you happy. Only if you really feel a specific emotions the pictures become authentic.

How can I practice my catwalk?

Practicing is key. Put on your high heels very often in your daily routine.

Get comfortable in every shoe regarding height and shape.

Watch Fashion week videos on YouTube from different designers.

Practice, practice, practice with different shoes and clothes. So you will be able to walk in any shoe for a show and you will still master the catwalk with self-confidence.

This is my step-by-step guide:

  • Stand straight, erectness
  • lock your hips,
  • make your legs long,
  • be self-confident,
  • feel the certain clothes and feel good in them.
  • Become the person which the brand stands for. Feel like a Dior girl, Gucci girl or any other brand’s girl.
  • Focus on one spot on the horizon,
  • feel the music and live the designer’s clothes.
  • Start to walk and put your foot always in front of the other foot.
  • Walk a line on the catwalk until the end of it.
  • Find a good pose at the end of the catwalk. (It always depends on the designer which pose they wish for or if you have to turn around directly.) Always get consciously into your pose. Don’t stop abrupt at the end of the catwalk, which appears as if you are surprised and insecure that the catwalk is suddenly finished. Get self-confident into your pose hold it for around 4 seconds and then turn around and walk back.
  • Practice the whole walk with your most uncomfortable high heels, normal high heels, flat shoes and barefooted.

It’s a huge difference in every outfit and shoe.

Watch the supermodels and imitate their walk and for sure find your own style. Watch how their posture is. Then practice as often as possible. I practiced my runway three months every day and still do it.

Ask your partner, another model, your agency or a good friend if they can watch your walk and help you to improve it.

Where Can I Learn Modeling in Kolkata?

There are very few modeling schools in Kolkata like INIFT Modeling School who offer the best training to candidates. Join a Modeling school in Kolkata who can build your portfolio, give you opportunity for walking on the ramps and help you gain practical exposure of the Industry.

INIFT- Acting & Modeling Institute Course Basic Information

Course Duration6 Months & 1 Year
Batch Timings AvailableBoth Weekdays/Weekend batch between 10 am to 6 pm)
EligibilityMinimum 15 Years old
PlacementAssignment/ Project after course
Job OpportunitiesTheatre Writer, Acting Consultant, ProducerTV channels, serials, reality shows





Modeling is a glamorous and interactive profession where models wear specific clothes specially designed by renowned fashion designers on a ramp walk in a fashion show. The models perform on stage in front of the audience. There are specific courses available for individuals who want to enter the Modeling Industry. These Modeling Course train the students with the unique styles walking on a ramp and how to pose perfectly for a photo-shoot. Modeling Industry basically involves people who are interactive and who know how to present themselves in front of the public. These Modeling course in Kolkata at INIFT allows young models to get trained under the supervision of people who have a remarkable understanding of the Modeling Industry.

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Acting is the art of expressing and enacting  ourselves  as instructed for a particular role. For individuals who want to opt for acting as their career, there are plenty of courses available in which students are trained in such a way that they adapt the techniques  and different styles of acting. People who enact in such theatre shows and movies are called Actors. Acting is a professional course which needs a lot of hard work and dedication in order to become popular in the field of entertainment. There are various colleges all around the world that offers Acting courses.

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INIFT institute in kolkata organizing workshop for interior students
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