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INIFT to become Best successful fashion designer

How To Become A Successful Fashion Designer in India

INIFT Is the very good organization to Become a successful & good fashion designer
How to become a successful fashion designer in India

Fashion design is one of the most popular courses among students and clients from all sorts of backgrounds in today’s India. accordingly the majority of people believe that fashion design is not the desired subject, we can assure you that this career path has far more to provide than strikes the sight. Successful Fashion Designer in India practice of incorporating style, elegance, garment fabrication, and natural aesthetics into clothing and its accessories is known as fashion design. Community and diverse movements have affected it, and it has changed over time. A fashion designer designs products such as shirts, jackets, trousers, and skirts, as well as jewelry such as footwear. He or she may have specialization in clothes, accessories, or jewelry design, or work in a combination of these fields. 

Fashion designers use a range of techniques to create any product needed by their customers or clients. Due to the lots of time takes to get the fabric to production, manufacturers must sometimes expect shifts in customer preferences. Fashion designers are in charge of designing unique fashion looks, which include things like form, color, cloth, cutting, and much more. [two] Fashion designers play a significant part in today’s society. Their abilities and perception have a major influence on how individuals portray themselves. They have an effect on culture and how individuals perceive themselves. 

To Become a Fashion Designer in India Follow these 5 Steps

1. Start Preparing yourself from high school

2.Join a good Fashion Designing Institute after 12th

3.Choose a good specialization in Fashion Designing like Management Studies

4. Read Fashion Related Books, Follow top Fashion desigers On Social Media

5. Get Practical Exposure of the Industrry

6. Check out the top 5 tips to become a succesful by top fashion designers provided below

Tips to become a successful Fashion Designer in India 

Learn  From INIFT How To Become A Successful Fashion Designer in India.
Tips to become a successful fashion designer

Tip No. 1 by Ritu Kumar:

‘Classics will make a comeback.’ “In India, a large number of individuals dress in western clothing. Indian fashion, on the other hand, is in high demand.” In an interview, she mentions the influence of western wear in India but says it has not so influenced that the Indian grounds are completely out. The Indian wears are high in demand both in partywear as well as casual wear. In casual wear, 

casual kurtas and kurtis are high in demand amongst youngsters & best fashion designer in India 

Tip No. 2 by Anita Dongre:

She says to become a successful fashion designer one must be practicing it for 3 hours daily at least. 

Tip No. 3 by Rohit Bal:

He says that there was a time when people loved simplicity but now again the love for glamour has returned so it’s better to go for making something glamorous. He also mentions that he’ll not design anything vulgar, outrageous, totally westernized. 

Tip No. 4 by Manish Arora:

However My research is motivated by my curiosity, and I have no intention of repeating my mistakes from prior seasons, says the talented designer. He despises the idea of enforcing norms. 

Tip No. 5 by Masaba Gupta:

Allow no one, object, or even a way of life to take authority over you. Learn to be self-sufficient and independent, says the famous designer. There are some good tips by him for beginners as follows:

6. Start saying NO: for many beginners, it becomes hard for them to say no to seniors but it is necessary. When we’re young, we feel it necessary to put others’ needs ahead of our own. Make a strong statement and cling to your principles; it’s time to put yourself first. 

7. Firstly Put your time and energy into the proper individuals. Secondly Understand your value, and don’t waste your time on destructive individuals or connections. Any tie that creates mental stress isn’t worth your time. 

Some other tips for beginners to become a successful fashion designer in India 

If you look closely at the lives of today’s most accomplished fashion designers in India and throughout the world, you’ll see that the road to success is not the same for everyone and every day as well. It is safe to say that your desire of being a fashion designer may be realized in a variety of ways, but obtaining a degree from a prominent design academy or school in your nation is one of the safest chances.

The concern that most designers have is “how to become a fashion designer,” however we will answer it in this post and Let’s get started. 

1. Develop your creative abilities by earning a fashion design degree. Below we will discuss this. 

2. Hands-on experience will help you improve your creative talents, and your rivals will provide inspiration. The more you practice the more you gain experience. This experience helps you to become successful. 

3. Learn about the fashion industry and be prepared to be financially literate. When you learn more details about the fashion industry you get to know about the financial structures also. You’ll learn how much funding you’ll need or the minimum money you need to start. Overspending is always a loss. 

4. Make your own fashion portfolio and be realistic in your goals. Your portfolio should be unique as well as realistic. Nowadays people like realistic products rather than one-time usable things. Your portfolio should be a reflection of your thoughts and yours. This helps others to understand who you are and what your goals are. 

5. Attempt to keep up with the current fashion trends at all times but keep your unique identity into it. As already mentioned above, never go with the flow but trends are also important. In the trend of bright colors you can’t stand out with dull colors.

6. Ability to draw well. Your drawing should be good enough to help understand what you will be providing. If the clients don’t get what you will give they’ll not trust you. Try to make your drawing as much as possible as your output.

7. Have a good eye to notice details. Your eyesight of catching details should be good. When your product is out you should be able to examine them by just looking at it and not spending too much time on one product. Even when you are in a fashion show, catch the details with your eye and capture them as photographs in your memory and later try to apply them to your design in your way. 

8. Good knowledge of texture, fabric, and color. To be a good designer you need to understand which texture or color or fabric suits your design or client. You need to have good knowledge of mixing things together to make a compatible outfit. You can’t make a Swarovski glamorous designer gown for a day party or a heavy fabric shirt for summer. 

9. However the Visualization skills should be strong enough. These are skills that are like six senses. You need to understand what your clients need before they exaggerate or become confused. 

10. Interpersonal and communication skills should be well structured. Communication is the key to every business. Your behavior, way of speaking, body posture, body language, every detail counts. Not only your designs will help you but your interpersonal skills also need to be good enough. You can make them better with time by practicing and checking them every one month. Keep a track of your improvements. 

Why is it necessary to go to a fashion school or institute to be successful? 

Why go to a Fashion Designing School to become a fashion designer
Why is it necessary to go to a fashion school or institute to be successfull

We are all familiar that in any country throughout the world, a person with a degree has a better chance of landing a job than one without. While this stigma is slowly dispelling and more individuals are electing to start their own business without some kind of degree, the truth remains that a degree from a famous university will provide you with two things that will offer you a significant advantage in your career option like Fashion Designing. It will expose you to industry names and brands, allowing you to network and meet individuals in positions of power. Because a brand name on your CV is an assurance to your portfolio. 

A reputable institution’s course will provide you with the required abilities to become a professional fashion designer. Most institutions in India follow a tried-and-true curriculum that includes disciplines such as sketching, color theory, geometry and shape, pattern creation, draping, tailoring, and cutting, all of which are essential to becoming a professional fashion designer. Furthermore, studying at a famous fashion university has the extra benefit of working directly with the business and so being aware of current patterns, as well as providing deserving students with grants and scholarships that may help you advance in your fashion career. 

Few more reasons for attending a fashion institute or school are: 

  1. Similarly A fashion show is held at the end of the course, or in some schools, at the end of the year, where students present their designs to the public.

2. These events are attended not just by the industry’s top brass, but also by recruiters searching for new designers to employ. 

3. To be on the runway and catching the attention of the right people may lead to a job opportunity and solid employment at the conclusion of the course, making it one of the most appealing features of attending a fashion design institute. 

4. Another key part of the fashion design colleges is that most students and prospective designers who fail to understand the marketing process, the college helps them to understand it in detail. 

5. All renowned fashion schools in the nation, as well as overseas, offer a one-year curriculum dedicated solely to marketing and portfolio production, equipping students with the much-needed talent of promoting their products and establishing a name for themselves. 

6. However Students learn how to manage their own brand and develop their own leadership skills in these marketing courses, all of which are critical skills for a designer who wants to advance and develop their profession. 

Things to prepare before you join a course in your institute 

Here are some things to prepare before you join a course in INIFT institute
Things to prepare before you join a course in your institute
Don’t make the mistake of going blindfolded on the first day of your course, first gain some knowledge about the subject(s) and then choose INIFT to proceed. 

Tip No. 1

  • Pick a mentality, your mindset toward what you want in life and your aspirations of becoming a fashion designer will determine how you use your time at college/university. If you actually want to be a tremendous success, you must dedicate yourself to it. Choose a study mindset that is supportive of your goals and desires. Being optimistic, proactive, helpful to others, and taking advantage of opportunities to advance are all traits that will assist you in your journey. 

Tip No. 2

  • Successful fashion designer in India Treat your study time as a chance to gather content for your portfolio, not as an occasion to upload photos from your social life on your social networking sites. Prepare your thoughts to be fully focused on studying rather than partying. Yes, having a social life is necessary, but not to the point that it conflicts with the development of your portfolio. 

Tip No. 3

  • Speaking with current students on the same curriculum and previous grads is an excellent method to prepare for your time on the course. They can provide you with valuable information on the course, instructors, amenities, and extracurricular activities. 

Tip No. 4

  • Put your sewing skills to the test. Any good designer needs exceptional stitching abilities, so invest in a sewing machine and begin learning the fundamentals of how to operate it effectively. Practice makes perfect, so get started before you utilize it in your course. 

Tip No. 5

  • Improve your software knowledge, on your course, you’ll be using different tools, so if you’re not familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator, try to learn the fundamentals so when you start your course, you don’t have any problems utilizing these tools.

Successful fashion designer in India Those who have the fundamental abilities and knowledge to excel from the first day of the fashion course are the ideal candidates. They do not begin their journey blinded. They’ve already done everything they can to prepare. Whenever you learn about your program and institution before the first day, you’ll be able to breeze through the course orientation fundamentals, such as classroom location and amenities, etc. To satisfy the university entrance standards for a Fashion Bachelor’s degree, it’s always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time. As a result, taking some similar classes in INIFT will be best

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