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Study Best Fashion Design Course in Kolkata- Join INIFT Kolkata

#1 Fashion Design & Interior Design Institute in Kolkata, West Bengal






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    -India’s Upcoming Fashion Designer’s Club

    Learn Fashion Design Course in Kolkata

    “Get An Opportunity to Study From Some of the Best Indian & International Fashion Designers & Interior Designers”

    Courses Offered

    “Get 1 Year Paid Internship with Fashion Design & Interior Design Courses only at INIFT”


    Fashion Designing Institute In Kolkata

    Today the fashion designing industry is standing among one of the well paid, highly engaging and truly captivating career options among youngsters. For all those individuals who are creative and imaginative, the fashion design course in Kolkata brings lucrative career opportunities.    Read More....

    It has already been transformed as the world’s well-established industry. Due to the increasing rising demand of the professionals in the field, the fashion designing institute in Kolkata offers the educational programs in which the students learn the ways to express their own creativity and develop the personalized signature style as well.

    Fashion Designing As a Career

    Designing world is a glamorous profession that personifies creativity and imaginative skills of an individual. For people who have relevant skills can surely opt for Fashion Designing as their career. Fashion Designing Course at INIFT Kolkata (Institutes Of Fashion Technology) proves to be a great choice for students who have interest in designing. The high demand of Fashion Consultant as a career has made it a well recognized choice of work for youngsters. This increases popularity and INIFT Kolkata is really a beneficial choice for students as it provides Designing Courses for young learners in order to create their own style of work as Designers.

    Fashion Designing Institute For Creative Minds

    INIFT a fashion designing institute in kolkata kolkata, west bengal helps a new learner to excel his or her designing skills. INIFT plays a key role in improvising the talent of the students and to guide them in the correct direction so as to make them succeed in their future. The young aspirants who are engulfed with creativity in their minds with various conceptual ideas of designs can prove to be an asset as Designers. This course forms the base learning for the students in order to provide them a deep rooted understanding of the same.

    Industry Specific Training For Fashion Designing College in Kolkata

    INIFT creates an environment that is friendly for youngsters in such a way that the students find it a convenient way of learning .This even helps the student to be interactive with others, so that they can be confident in themselves. The specific training programme provides a better understanding for the students regarding the upcoming trends in the Fashion Designing College in Kolkata.

    Fashion Designing As a Profession

    INIFT creates a strong emphasis on practical learning along with the theoretical one. This learning process symbolizes a great scope of learning for the students. The learning process symbolizes a great scope of learning for the students that brings out the innovation in them with bright imaginative skills. Fashion Designing courses at INIFT inculcates the values of design and fabric to its students in order to maintain the correct balance with their ideas and the ongoing trends in the Fashion Industry.

    Overall Personality Development

    The members of INIFT makes it their responsibility to make their students an expert in Fashion Designing by gaining new experiences everyday. INIFT, being a renowned Institution targets to provide new emerging Designers to the world. It makes all the courses worth enough for people in the designing sector so as they have a stable career in future, along with the overall development in their personalities.

    Latest & Innovative Programs

    The various courses of Fashion Designing at INIFT gives the students an ample amount of knowledge in order to execute in their practical work of place. The new learning methods and innovative approach that include workshops and seminar makes it of a huge help for aspirants.

    Learning Latest World Trends

    The courses provided by INIFT deals with the combination of learning and dedication, which has developed over the period of time and that plays the major role in making INIFT a well reputed Institute for Fashion Designing Course in Kolkata. Pursuing a course results in providing huge amount of opportunities for students so as to meet the demand of the latest fashion in the world.

    INIFT AS A Well Reputed Institution

    The remarkable number of students joining INIFT every year states its popularity and reputation among the youngsters. The new dimension of inculcating knowledge to youngsters in its unique way makes INIFT the first choice for aspirants in the field of Fashion Designing.

    Fashion Designing Course For Creative Minds

    Studying Fashion Designing and other courses at INIFT makes the students to exceed their level of thoughts, imagination regarding designing and in boosting their knowledge to the maximum level possible. So, INIFT is surely a great choice for creative students who want to embark a career in Designing field in future.

    INIFT The Best Interior Designing Institute in Kolkata offers 3+ Specialization Courses

    Interior designing is all about developing the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing spaces. INIFT - best interior designing institute in Kolkata enhances the capability, aptitude of learners and imparts the wings to fly high for capturing the goals.    Read More....

    When you are aspiring for an extremely flourishing career in interior designing, then you would probably require a professional interior design course in Kolkata. Our Interior designer institute in Kolkata teaches the learners to tackle the space well, decorate, plan and also manage all material specifications within the budgetary limits.

    We are recognized as best interior design institute in Kolkata

    The reputation and appreciation INIFT has received till date makes it even more popular among youngsters. Along with providing emerging Interior Designers to the world, INIFT has received plenty of awards as the Best Interior Designing Institute in Kolkata, which makes it the first preference for students who want to start their career as Interior Designers. The courses provided by INIFT create a magnificent impact on the learning of students as it combines theoretical and practical sessions of teaching. This further helps the student to deal with the projects practically and to execute their ideas in real life.

    Our Interior Designing Course In Kolkata Enhances The Capability And Aptitude Of Learners

    INIFT not only inculcates knowledge in the minds of it’s students, but also motivates them to be interactive and to feel free in expressing their concepts of imagination regarding the space management. INIFT gives it’s learners full freedom to express their thought of vision and guides them towards implementing those thoughts in real life. As a result of which, young learners improvise their capability in order to withstand with the ongoing trends in the field of Interior Designing.

    INIFT Interior Designing Institute In Kolkata Is A Perfect Destination For You If You Are Looking For An Interior Designing Course In Kolkata

    Apart from providing Designing Courses, INIFT makes sure that it’s teaching techniques are unique and convenient for young minds to adapt it easily. Students who are passionate learners, interested in designing and decorating, filled with creativity can prove to be an asset for the Interior Designing sector. Students who are looking forward for Interior Designing Courses in Kolkata, INIFT is surely the best choice for them in order to become successful and have a stable career as Interior Designers.

    We Offer Quite An Extensive Range Of Interior Decoration Courses In Kolkata

    INIFT has an extensive, wide range of courses in the Designing sector that adds optimum value to an individual’s career. The faculty at INIFT includes experts who are ready to train the next generation who want to embark on a new journey of life, choosing Interior Designing as their profession. Therefore, INIFT Kolkata is the best choice of career for young talented students who want to excel in their careers as Interior Designers with a stable future ahead.


    COVID-19 SCHOLARSHIP ON ALL THE COURSES UPTO 50% ( last date 10th September 2021)

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    We are INIFT- International Institute D Fashion Technology. INIFT has been emerging as West Bengal’s as best fashion designing institute in kolkata and interior design institute in kolkata.

    We offer fashion designing courses in kolkata and interior design course in kolkata with 7+ specialization like fashion design with fashion management, fashion design with styling, interior design with management, interior design with draftmanship.

    With motive of fulfiling the gap in fashion and interior design industry we launched INIFT. The idea behind INIFT was to create such a unique combination of courses that students all over India can get benefited from our specialization course and they can have knowledge of 2 different industry which they can then combine and use effectively.

    And under the guidance of our INIFT’s founding team more than 4,000 Students from the year 1999 have made there successful career in fashion designing course and interior designing course.

    And today we are proud to announce that the major reason for our students successful carrer is the advance knowledge they recived from the specialization courses. The students of INIFT stand out in the crowd of fashion designers and interior designers across the world. Click here to know more about INIFT


    Best designers of city

    INIFT brings you the best and reputed faculties of kolkata to provide quality education.

    1 Full year internship

    INIFT is the first institute to provide 365 days internship to students in India.

    1 week internship in Abroad

    INIFT is providing an excellent opportunity to it's student to intern abroad and match the international standard.

    Best Infrastructure

    INIFT provides the best infrastructure and amenities to students. Today's world is based on technology so as we.

    INIFT Course features


    Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

    INIFT wants to produce future designers with entrepreneurial skill so that they become future leaders of their industry. Being the best fashion designing institute in Kolkata and best interior designing institute in kolkata it is our responsibility

    International Guest Lectures

    Knowledge from all over the globe is necessary for the students to outshine the Industry so INIFT brings you mentors from all over the world.

    Best Courses

    INIFT has come up with the latest and best courses that is not only innovative but in demand by the industries.

    Guaranteed Career

    INIFT provides 100% career guarantee to it's sincere students.

    Affordable Fees

    INIFT's agenda is to educate more and more students so the fee structure is affordable to everyone.

    Placement Assistance

    We Provide 100% Placement assistance to all our fashion design & interior design students with good salary packages.


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    With INIFT- #1 Fashion Design & Interior Designing Institute in Kolkata dream your career in 

    We are located in Rajarhat, Kolkata

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the different Fashion Designing Course offered in Kolkata?

    There are multiple course options available in fashion designing in kolkata like certificate course, professional courses and degree courses and masters courses. INIFT offers Professional & Certificate Courses in Fashion Desingning.

    What are the different Interior Courses offered at INIFT Institute of Interior Design in Kolkata?

    In Interior designing there are multiple courses available from Certificate, Diploma, professional Courses to Degree Courses. The duration interior design course in kolkata are-

    Duration of Certificate course are below 1 year,
    Duration of diploma courses are between 1 month to 18 months
    Duration of professional courses and degree courses are between 18 months to 3 years.

    What are the specializations offered with Fashion Design Course in Kolkata?

    There are mainly four specialization available with Fashion design Course at INIFT Fashion Design College

    Fashion Design and Management Studies ( 3 Years)
    Fashion Design and Fashion Business ( 3 Years)
    Fashion Design and Fashion Communication ( 3 Years)
    Fashion Design and Fashion Styling ( 3 Years)

    What are the specialization subjects offered at INIFT Interior Design Institute in Kolkata?

    There are mainly three specialization subjects offered with Interior Design Courses. They are-

    Interior Designing and Management.

    Interior Design and Interior Business

    Interior Design and Draftsmanship.

    When are the Fashion Designing Classes starting for 2021 in Kolkata?

    Due to covid-19 many institutes are yet to start offline classes. However online classes has been started for both fashion and interior design students at INIFT.

    Which is the best fashion design institute in kolkata?

    Choose a fashion design institute that offers 1 year internship, specialization courses, internship in abroad, international guest lecures and 100% placement assistance.

    Which is the best Interior designing institute in kolkata?

    Choose a Interior designing institute that is reputed and well known. Mke sure it offers minumum 1 year internship, more than 3 specialization courses, internship opportunity in abroad, international guest lecures and 100% placement assistance to its interior design students in kolkata.

    Will INIFT help me get a good job after Fashion Designing Course in this Pandemic?

    Be it Covid-19 and any other natural calamity INIFT is committed to providing 100% Job Assistance to its students.

    What is the eligibility criteria for pursuing a fashion designing course?

    The eligiblity for fashion designing course at INIFT is minimum 55% marks in 12th from a recoginzed board or equivalent.

    What is the eligibility criteria for pursuing a interior designing at INIFT Kolkata?

    The eligiblity for studing interior design course in kolkata at INIFT is minimum 55% marks in 12th from a recoginzed board or equivalent.

    INIFT-Course Basic Information

    Course Duration 2 & 3 Years
    Courses Available Fashion Design & Interior Design
    Eligibility Minimum 12th Pass
    Placement 100% Placement Assistance
    Internship Details 1 Year in India, 1 Week in Abroad
    Institute Location Kolkata
    fashion design course in kolkata
    fashion designing institute in Kolkata
    Importance of fashion designing
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