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Interior Design courses in kolkata

Interior Design Courses in Kolkata

Interior Design Courses in Kolkata

The place which has importance in your life should also be well maintained and decorated. Just like your career and family, home is also a very important part of your life. However,It’s your duty to keep that important part safe and healthy. Since this is how most of the population of the world thinks in the 21st century. Consequently,Interior Designing has become one of the most desired occupations in this century. Specially for this generation, interior designing has become a mandatory thing when they think of buying a new house or flat. In addition, Interior Designers are now becoming an important part of the house building industry. The industry also has an enormous growth rate of 20%, which will continue in future also. It has become a fully fledged established profession today which made a choice for interior decorating courses in kolkata.

Interior designing is a field of creativity and is a gem in itself. Interior designing needs creativity, calculations, and common sense. Just by learning books you can’t make a career in this. You need to be good in basic calculations and also need to have basic sense about spacing and fitting. We should have a good taste in furniture, apartment decoration, home decoration, wall fittings or accessories etc.

Everyone need to have a confident nature otherwise you will get highly confused with the client’s demand and budget. Interior designing is still underestimated by many but the market in India is growing highly. The interior designing courses in India have many varieties just like fashion designing. Interior designing courses in India are growing slowly with time because demands of students are increasing day by day.

Nowadays students are understanding their talent and utilising them to make their future. Even in Kolkata, interior designing is having good opportunities. The interior design courses in Kolkata are huge and have many divisions like colour concept, fundamentals of designs, sketching, architectural history, AutoCAD. It is mostly a 3 years course. Interior decorating courses in Kolkata are now spread all across the city and not just concentrated at a particular location. 

What do you learn in Interior Designing?

The students in this field have got the freedom for understanding the technicalities of the interior of the place

Some subjects which are nowadays taught are civil construction, interior material and product partition, interior design and interior construction, interior drawings, illumination, air conditioning, plumbing and sanitation, quantity surveying and estimation, landscape and interior scape, commercial projects, vaastu concepts (in many traditions people prefer to have doors and windows in specific position) and designs, 2D & 3D CAD drawings, english language and communicative skills, computer fundamentals and IT, soft skills and personality development.

The interior design courses in kolkata also includes Business Analysis like environment, sales and marketing, value education and human rights, accounting, environmental studies, quality management, Indian economy and social changes, research methodology, general human psychology and human resource management. 

The Interior Decorating Courses in Kolkata includes:

1.Interior Designing and Management.

It is an advanced course which specializes in the field of management and designing. The students are taught about the interior knowledge and managerial skills.

The course can be 2-3 years.This course covers the areas like, Interior designing, house layout, furniture design, etc. 

2.Interior Design and Interior Business

The course trains the students for business also.The students learn the basics of business, and how to start a business in interior designing.

They will understand the customer’s needs and how to take the business further according to what people are skiing for. The students are trained with the knowledge of suppliers and stakeholders also. This is a 3 years course. 

3.Interior Design and  Draftsmanship.

Eligibility and Fees

Students after 12th (10+2) can pursue graduation in Interior Designing as a bachelor’s degree and then for further studies they can pursue Diploma or post graduation with any specialisation.

Students with any background can apply for this course. So they need to have a pas certificate in the previous level. Since Interior Designing is unbiased and every student with a creative mind and passion can apply. The student must know English. 

The fees structure depends on the institutes or colleges. The average fees of the course is 2.5 lakhs rupees in West Bengal. 

Growth after completion of interior design courses in kolkata

After you complete this interior decorating courses in kolkata, you will get multiple grade jobs where the students who are passionate and have relevant skills will be hired.

Always remember one thing that interior designing is not the field where you can get a job by bringing good grades or marks in your paper. Because,in the interview they ask you questions regarding the practical work which you will need to perform in the workplace.

Learning and filling the paper won’t work here but to train yourself for the practical work will be more beneficial for you.

The firms where you will get job are Interior Design and Architecture, infrastructure and property developers, furniture manufacturing companies, design firms, building material and also interior product vendors. While Government jobs sector also include in the offices of Municipal and Town planning departments.

As your experience increases the demand increases.

You can also open your own business in interior designing or can be a consultant to high end projects.

Interior Designing students can also work as infrastructure and property developers in Design Firms in Municipal and Town planning departments. 

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