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Fashion Designing Course in Kolkata by INIFT

Fashion Design Courses in Kolkata-2021| Importance & Course list

Fashion Designing is not a 9 to 5 job, it needs skills, patience as well as love for the art. Yes, Fashion Designing is an art, in which artists not only work from heart but also effictively use hands and mind. It’s not a subject which can be taken for granted! To build a good career in this you need to learn everyday in your life. Learning doesn’t have an ending and so does in this career. You can take inspiration from your daily things. In this article we’ll discuss the trending fashion design courses in kolkata and in the Fashion Industry in 2021.

Now let’s move on to what is the importance of Fashion Designing:

  • Being a student of fashion designing, you can work with big brands like Vogue, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein etc. These are among the leading brands of the fashion industry, everyone knows about them. Just think how exciting it would be to be a part of these leading brands! Yes, I know you are getting excited just by hearing the names then why not pursue a career in this? Fashion Designing doesn’t mean designing clothes for these brands.

  • Vogue conducts fashion photoshoots, ramp walks and many more. They need the students from this field who know fashion management, fashion events organising, etc. One can also get into retails and sales for these brands. You can also work on international platforms where you’ll need to travel abroad for work and you can experience other cultures out there. 

  • If you have any thoughts about entering the glamour industry specially related to clothing, accessories, designing, technology behind the industry etc. then you need to learn the basics. To gain knowledge you need to study the respective field like Fashion Design & Styling, Fashion Design & Management, Fashion Design & Communication, Fashion & Apparel Designing, Fashion Business & Retail Management, Lifestyle & Accessory Designing, Textile Designing, Leather Designing, Knitwear Designing, Fashion Communication, Jewellery Designing as well as Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Technology. 

Further Importance Of Fashion Design Courses in Kolkata are

  • You need to understand where you want to see yourself in future. Fashion designing is not just about designing clothes and accessories but many more. There’s a huge scope in this field as fashion standards are changing every year. New forms are coming every now and the. New trends are evolving.

  • Being a professional in Fashion Designing will expose you to another world of glamour. Fashion industry has evolved over years and given us many beautiful trends which are still being followed by enormous people around the world.

  • Don’t waste your creativity for a 9 to 5 job. Let your dreams come true! Even if you are not good at sketching you can still step into the Fashion industry and have a beautiful career. As already stated in the first point, other than drawing clothes there are various courses in fashion designing.

  • You can work with the technology team, communication team, management team, event team and so on. If you are a person with good communication or managing skills you can get into this field. All you need is to have a degree in the respective field and you can boost your career into something different.


List of Fashion Design Courses in Kolkata

Fashion Design Course Fees in Kolkata

The fashion design Course fees in kolkata ranges anywhere between Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 4,00,000. Depending upon colleges and course specialization. A Fashion management course will comparatively have more fees than Fashion Design Styling Course due to its wider curriculum and scope.

Here is a list of Fashion Design Courses in Kolkata 2021:

List of fashion design courses in kolkata 2021
INIFT offers best fashion design courses in kolkata

1.Fashion Design &  Styling Course:

Fashion styling course in kolkata

Fashion designers and stylists can be helping the individuals by their ideas and choice of clothes, colours, accessories etc. The ones whom you’d be helping can be celebrities, media professionals, models, anyone.

In this training you’ll get to understand how to match things together and will build a sense in fashion and styling. It can be a 3 years fashion design course in kolkata or sometimes even 4 years. This course let students understand the aspects of styling a person, styling for different occasions along with basic fashion designing. 

2.Fashion Design & Management Course:

Fashion design management course in kolkata

In the 21st century, this field has evolved a lot. You’ll learn a complete knowledge of production techniques, scientific approach to the market. In this course you get to learn, Design Management, Design Business, Vision & Communication. This is mostly related to the business part of the fashion industry.It can be a 3 years course. 


3.Fashion Design & Communication Course:

Fashion design and communication course in kolkata 3 years

The 3 years fashion design course in kolkata of Fashion design and communication offers you the chance to gain good knowledge in Fashion Designing along with the specialization in Fashion Communication. This fashion design course in kokata focuses on the development of the skills required for a good communication for a brand or fashion company through any mediums or channels, like digital platforms or social media etc. The course has different segments like public relations,event planning,project development. 

4.Fashion Designing and Fashion Business Course:

Fashion design and fashion business course in kolkata

It includes the most commonly known course which is the designing of clothes.  To be a good fashion designer you need to understand your products and quality very well. Here you can learn how to design clothes, accessories,etc. The business part helps you to learn how to grow your business and how to make your business customer friendly.

The article helps you understand and pursue fashion design courses in kolkata. The course listed above are considered to be the best fashion designing coures in west bengal. It is extremely helpful for people willing to pursue fashion designing and related course in 2021 and further. If you are looking for online fashion designing course do visit our online website.

visit-https://inift.com/ for more details or contact us at 062890 27399 for fashion design courses related query.

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