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Best Interior Designing Institute in Kolkata

Best Interior Designing Institute in Kolkata

Best Interior Design Institute In Kolkata

Your home is the place where you come and relax after a long hectic day. Home is the place where your family waits for your love and affection towards them. Home is the ultimate place of where you start and end your day. So, why don’t you make it more comfortable and beautiful?

The place which is the most important part of your life should be well maintained and decorated. Just like your career and family, home is also a very important part of your life. It’s your duty to keep that important part safe and healthy. And this is how most of the population of the world thinks in the 21st century.

Interior Designing has become one of the most desired occupations in this century and so are many interior design institutes in Kolkata. Specially for this generation, interior designing has become a mandatory thing when they think of buying a new house or flat. Interior Designers are now becoming an important part of the house building industry. 

Interior Design Institutes in Kolkata is more demanding nowadays. Many institutes have opened and offer many courses but the best one is INIFT in Kolkata.

In today’s times if you are looking for online interior design course do visit our website.

This has 4 types of courses in interior designing.

INIFT is one of the best interior design institutes in Kolkata but is different from others because of its well structured courses. It provides very unique courses in interior designing. The courses not only train the students for upcoming projects but also fulfil the needs of modern interior designing. Along with learning traditional interior designing you also get to learn other things directly related to it as specialisation.  Lets see the courses in details in the list below:

1.Interior Design and Management.

Interior Design and Management Course

 It is an advanced course which specializes in the field of management and designing. The students are taught about the interior knowledge and managerial skills. The course can be 2-3 years.

This course covers the areas like, Interior designing, house layout, furniture design, etc. In INIFT they have two variants in this course, one is for 2 years and the other is for 3 years. 

2.Interior Design and Interior Business.

Interior Design and Interior Business.

 The course trains the students for business also.The students learn the basics of business, and how to start a business in interior designing. They will understand the customer’s needs and how to take the business further according to what people are skiing for.

The students are trained with the knowledge of suppliers and stakeholders also. This is a 3 years course. This course is unique compared to other interior design institutes in Kolkata.

3.Interior Design and  Draftsmanship.

Iinterior design and draftsmanship

This 3 years degree program teaches the students about interior design and draftsmanship. This is an unique course.

This will help them to learn about the creation of diagrams related to the interior of a house, apartment, etc. The students will be taught about the calculations for materials and weight limitations.

They will need to work with the architects on projects. They might also need to work along with the engineering team in a building project.

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