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Top 10 Fashion Related Books You Must Read

Top 10 Fashion Related Books You Must Read

Today’s world

runs on fashion, style and gracefulness . A good fashion designer has a great eye for color, texture and shape and possesses technical skills that enables them to spot or develop new trends. So, a person who has all these skills as well as a degree in fashion, but apprehensive about to proceed can read some books which can shed light on the fashion industry and provide ideas on how to advance.

10 Most Recommended  Fashion Books for a Designer who is pursuing fashion designing course at INIFT Kolkata

  • Fashion Designer Survival guide by Mary Gehlhar gives the readers and aspiring designers behind-the scenes insights and business information on creating and maintaining a successful fashion career. It includes words of wisdom from various fashion inspiration and the techniques as well as shading needed to make it big in fashion industry.
  • The beautiful fall by Alicia Drake explores the twin stories of fashion giants Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), their rise and the latter’s fall from the fashion industry. This book explores the black side of fashion and gives a peek into the abuse of drugs in the fashion world.
  • The Fashion Book by the editors of Phaidon is hailed as ‘the fashion Bible’ by Vogue and is considered as the encyclopedia of fashion. So, it is no wonder that it features legends of the fashion industry with good illustrations and is the ultimate fashion reference. Hence it is a must read book for fashion designers.
  • Maison Martin Margiela is a Belgian fashion designer, considered to be the fashion’s ‘invisible superstar’. The book with the same name gives insight on the design process of the products that are appreciated for their originality.
  • The End of Fashion by Teri Agins explores the seminal change in fashion industry and discusses about the manufacturing, retailing and financing in fashion.
  • Grace: A memoir is the celebration of fashion and its cutting edge for over thirty years, written by Grace Coddi.
  • V. is a book written by Diana Vreeland, who was the legendary fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar, gives her perspectives on fashion color and the theory of life.
  • Marc Jacobs by Bridget Foley peeks into the life of famous designer Marc Jacobs, covering his early life and the beginning of his designer line Marc. Thus, it is an interesting read for young designers to find motivation.
  • Cecil Beaton’s The Glass of Fashion is the personal accounts of the author which discusses about the history of fashion and the people who influenced it in the first half of the century.
  • The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior gives every woman the secrets of having a good style and the very basic knowledge of fashion. It gives ideas on how to dress for different occasions and is immensely popular.

These books can give good ideas and plans to the new  which can give them the required courage to swim  in the vast ocean of fashion industry.

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