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fashion designing courses in kolkata

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List Of Fashion Design Courses

Fashion Design and Styling Course (3 Years)

Duration: 2 week


Fashion Design and Styling Course (3 Years)

Fashion designers and stylers help individuals by their choice of apparel, accessories, colours and fabrics, be they celebrities, media professionals, models, CEOs or business magnates stylers create and exude a…

Fashion Design And Management Course(PG level 2 years )

Duration: 160 minute


Fashion Design And Management Course(PG level 2 years )

Here at INIFT we provide the best fashion design and technology courses. All of the course has been designed after studying the requirements of fashion and apparel industries.

Fashion Design and Management Studies (3 years)

Duration: 10 week


Fashion Design and Management Studies (3 years)

Fashion Design And Management Studies is the new reality program to form the 21st Century designer. This figure is able to write their own destiny by creating a collection with…

Fashion Design And Communication(3 Years)

Duration: 10 week


Fashion Design And Communication(3 Years)

The 3 years Fashion and Communication course at INIFT offers you the opportunity to study Fashion Design along specialization in Fashion Communication..The curriculum is delivered by specialists

Fashion Designing and Fashion Business(3 Years)

Duration: 10 week


Fashion Designing and Fashion Business(3 Years)

Fashion Design( 2 years classroom+1 year field work) is a professional and important course for students who want to expertise in this high demand field.



  • Classroom Training
  • Paid Internship/ Practical Work and Fashion Shows
  • International Exposure
  • Interntional Guest Lecture
  • Social Exposure & Industry Visits


  • Management Studies
  • Fashion Business
  • Fashion Communication
  • Fashion Styling

Benifits of Studing Fashion Designing Course in Kolkata at INIFT

Important Question Related To Fashion Design Course

offered at INIFT Fashion Design college in kolkata

Q1.Why fashion designing course in INIFT- Kolkata ?

Q2.Top Subject covered in Fashion designing courses at INIFT

Q3.What is the duration of Fashion designing courses?

Q4. What are the Specialization Available with Fashion Designing

Q5.Is there any internship available after fashion designing courses?

Common FAQ of Fashion Design Courses In Kolkata

  • What is the duration of Fashion Design Courses
    Generally fashion design courses are for 3 years & 2 years but some short or certificate courses can be of 6 months- 1 year depending upon the college.
  • Is there any specialization in Fashion Designing Courses
    Yes there are many specialization in fashion designing courses like fashion design and fashion management, fashion design and fashion communication, fashion design and fashion business, fashion design and fashion styling.
  • Minimum percentage needed in 12th for Fashion Designing Courses
    Generally it differs from colleges/institutes to colleges/instituttes but a minimum of 50% is expected in your 12th from any recognized board. INIFT Rajarhat's minimum crieteria is minimum 55% in 12th or equivalent.
  • How many types of fashion designing courses are there?
    Fashion design courses can generally be divided into tiers, and while there exists some overlap and subcategorization, there are five main types of fashion design Courses. The five types of fashion design are:
    1. Fashion Design And Communication(3 Years)
    2. Fashion Design and Management Studies (3 years)
    3. Fashion Design and Styling Course (3 Years)
    4. Fashion Designing and Fashion Business(3 Years)
    5. Interior Design And Management(2 Years Degree)
  • Can I be a fashion designer if I can't draw?
    Yes definitely you can become a fashion designer if you can't draw. There are many successful fashion designers and clothing lines that can't sew or draw just like you.
  • What are the basics of fashion designing?
     The basics of fashion designing are the principles of fashion design must be properly applied and executed in terms of Proportion, Balance, Rhythm, Radiation, Gradation, Emphasis, Contrast, Harmony, Unity, Repetition and Scale.
  • How can I become good at fashion?

    To Become good at fashion you must follow these  tips which includes:

    1. Make sure you have the right fit.
    2. Try to wear more color.
    3. Wear outfits appropriate for the occasion.
    4. Start with the basics.
    5. Care about your shoes.
    6. Buy good quality.
    7. Accessorize.
  • Is fashion design a good career?
    Yes fashion is a good career because of the increased demand of fashion designers in the market
    Employment for fashion designers overall is expected to grow by only about 3% over the next 10 years, which is slower than the average growth projected for all occupations between 2016 and 2026. A formal education, an excellent portfolio, and experience in the industry can increase your employment prospects.





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