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fashion designing and styling


Fashion designers and stylers help individuals by their choice of apparel, accessories, colours and fabrics, be they celebrities, media professionals, models, CEOs or business magnates stylers create and exude a unique and personal sense of style.

Fashion designing and Styling is a complete new field of study. This 3 year specialization course is for students who want to make their career in the world of fashion with good knowledge of styling.The course gives students an understanding of different aspects of styling, teaches them how to style for different occasions along with basics of fashion design.

Objectives of this course
1.Be able to have knowledge of master’s level in fashion styling
2.To be able to assist a stylist on shoot as an intern or assistant stylist
3.To have a portfolio of their own showcasing their personal style
4.To have a strong sense of their own personal style
5.To be able to recognize trends and quick fashion tips

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