Fashion Design And Management Studies is the new reality program to form the 21st Century designer. This figure is able to write their own destiny by creating a collection with a business model in mind. Endowed with a strategic vision, a complete knowledge of production techniques, and a scientific approach to the market, this designer creates an imposing brand name with real media impact, cutting through the mayhem of today’s fashion system.

Design Management is 30% Design, 30% Business, 20% Vision and 20% Communications.

Why management with Design?

We make our students proficient in building up their individual creative and thinking ability more stronger. This is done by indulging students in various theoretical and practical activities organized by the institute itself. Students are guided by our efficient and experienced internal faculties and also by external collaborations and tie ups.

Our mission is to provide customized educational programs in an environment that’s diverse and conducive to learning. This also helps students to plan what they think. Management introduced with design will help them to be aware about the know-how of the market where they want to sell their product. Amalgamation of both will enhance our students to be ahead on their competitive platform in this fashion Industry.

Popular faces of the fashion industry are involved with us to guide our students on each stage. Our global tie-ups also enhance our students thinking on various grounds, both in terms of designing and management in designing. Come and Join us to think out your thoughts to plan your dreams.

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